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TKEZ Architects did the design concept, planning and construction supervision of the new N26 headquarter in Berlin generating a „new style open office concept“ with convincing spacial qualities, CI branding and custom furniture design for 90 emplyees.

The new N26 HQ is located in the upper floors of a Berlin Plattenbau form the DDR times overlooking the Spree river on the one side of the long stretched office space and a typical Berlin courtyard with large scale graffitty street art walls and the view on Alex on the opposite side.

The Style of the Office Space is all about conserving the rough but rational and straight forward concrete structure of the Plattenbau, leaving the concrete prefabricated elements of the ceilings and columns exposed and adding transparent partitions which generate the  floorplan custom designed to the companys needs and requirements.

To this bare structural concrete TKEZ added taktile surfaces and colorful textures to give the spaces the  high-end design, visual qualities and comfort. TKEZ designed the matrix of numbers and digits, derived from the banks code, which is covering the floor surface of the open office spaces in white letters.


Architecture, Interior, Workspace Design


2016 – 2017


Berlin, Germany


1280  sqm


N26 AG



Photo Credit

Benny Monn